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Alpine Log & Timber Finishes is a Colorado based timber finishing company.

Our emphasis is in log homes, however, our expertise allows us to perform superb services on many different styles of homes. As the timber home professionals, we aim to provide our customers with the highest quality service with a 100% referral rate.

Maintenance & Preservation

Maintaining and preserving a log structure is essential and protects your investment. We use only the best products to stretch your maintenance schedule.

New Construction Finishes

If you’re a General Contractor or home builder and want to start the project correctly from the beginning to reduce maintenance issues down the road, we can help with the process from start to finish. 

Restoration & Refinishing

We welcome the challenge to resurrect a log structure many others would want to demolish. We bring log buildings back to their original beauty using modern day products.

What is chinking?

Chinking is the material inserted between the joints of logs and other woods.  The technology has come a long way from mortar, horse hair, mud, and newspaper.  Today’s chinking is latex based, comes in many colors, and is flexible to the seasons and moisture content of the wood it is bonded to.  Applied correctly, chinking should last the life of the home.

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